DVD Ripper Wizard
DVD Ripper Wizard

DVD Ripper Wizard - Copy protected DVD

DVD Ripper Wizard works in the background to automatically remove protection of a DVD movie as soon as

it's inserted into the drive, allowing you then to backup the movie to other video formats such as AVI, WMV,

DivX, XivD
and so on. You can also remove the DVD region code, thereby making the movie region free and

viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software.


How to copy protected DVD

CSS (Content Scrambling System) or ARccOS decryption is used to prevent the illegal copying of DVD movies .

Many people think it's our right to make backup copies of our expensive store bought movies for safe keeping. Some

courts have agreed that as long as the DVD decryption software is not included in the DVD copy software itself, but

used separately, it's legal. Some DVD Burning Software has this decryption build in (which may be ruled illegal in the

future) while others download (one time) the decrypter from a 3rd party source (which seems to be the safer legal

way).This separate piece of CSS / ARccOS decryption software is neccessary to extract data from a DVD which

has been
copy protected.

Step1. Download DVD Ripper Wizard from here. Start the *.exe file and follow the screen instructions…
Step2. Launch the DVD Ripper Wizard by click the shortcut . After the installation this is done by default.

Or, Click "Start->Programs->DVD RipperWizard->DVD Ripper Wizard" to run DVD Ripper Wizard
Step2. In this step, you need to add a protected DVD file, and DVD Ripper Wizard will remove the protection at once.
How to copy protected DVD
Step3. Choose Chapters (in Chapters Ripping mode) or time segments (in Time Segments Ripping mode) you want to rip.
How to copy protected DVD
Step4. Choose video format what you want to rip . For example: you can choose MPEG-2
How to copy protected DVD
Step5. Select output path, you can directly go to the output folder by clicking "Open Folder".
How to copy protected DVD
Step6. Click "Rip DVD" or "Go" to rip DVDs.
Click here to learn more about how to use DVD Ripper Wizard

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